Pleat machine

( Pleat machine + patterns- samples : 750 euro )

We make patterns (templates) of pleating for all measurements and sizes according to costumer preference.

Pleat machine makes possible pleating all kinds of materials: silk, georgette, cotton….

Chosen material is pleated with patterns- samples: it is up to you to choose soleil plisse, wider or straiter pleats, double pleats….

We have a great choice of patterns.

Technology of preparing material for patterns and pleating itself is very sample.

Pleat machine works on steam principle – water and electricity expenditure is minimal.

Demonstration and instruction are free for every buyer of the machines.

Our experience show that instruction can be finished in 30 minutes – after that the buyer is ready to pleat by himself.

If that time isnot shown to be enough, we are at disposal for any further informations.

Maximum capacity of the machine is 14 patterns, i.e. 7 shirts at once.

Pleat machine does not take much space:

-          width: 380 mm

-          height: 1.400 mm

-          lenght: 580 mm